The people & animal specialists

Our services

Assessments and treatments are provided for equine, canine and human clients. Sam is recognised for treatments by private health insurance companies, and welcomes human and veterinary clients of all ages for:

Rapid assessment and treatment following sporting or other injury

Treatment for soft tissue injuries, ie tendon, ligament and muscular lesions

Help with evaluating poor performance

Pain relief from chronic conditions such as arthritis, back and pain

Relief from respiratory problems

Support with getting back to good health following surgery

Regular assessments to help identify and prevent injury.

Our treatments include:

Manual Therapy

Therapeutic massage

Exercise Therapy

Electrotherapy training including laser, ultrasound, TENS, interferential, electromagnetic and photo-therapy

Postural advice and movement re-education

Muscle balancing techniques.



People assessments and treatments cost approximately £38 per consultation/appointment.

Equine assessments and treatments cost approximately £60 plus travel per consultation/appointment.

Small animal (eg dogs and cats) assessments and treatments cost approximately £50 per consultation/appointment., plus travel for home visits.

Country Physio has full professional and public liability insurance.

Country Physio is recognised to provide treatments for animal by health insurance companies, provided your vet has recommended physiotherapy.

The Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966 and the Veterinary Surgery Exemptions Order of 1962

This legislation permits the treatment of an animal by a chartered physiotherapist provided such treatment is given by a professional acting under the direction of a vet. This