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Small Animal

Small animal assessments and treatments either take place in the Physiotherapy clinic at Hydropets in Market Deeping, or in the secure environment of your own home.

Services for Small Animals include:

Rapid assessment and treatment following sporting or other injury

Soft tissue injury Treatment  ie tendon, ligament and muscular lesions

Poor Performance Evaluation help with evaluating a decrease in performance

Pain relief from chronic conditions such as arthritis, back and pain

Rehabilitation Support following surgery such as hip replacements, spinal surgery or cruciate repairs

Regular assessments to help identify and prevent injury.

Neurological Rehabilitation for all neurological conditions

 Our treatments include:

  • Manual Therapy
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Electrotherapy training including laser, ultrasound, TENS, interferential, electromagnetic and photo-therapy
  • Muscle balancing techniques.

Country Physio works closely alongside hydropets to also provide Pool Treatments and Water Treadmill treatments. For further details please visit