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What To Expect From A Country Physio Consultation

The initial consultation for an animal usually lasts around one hour. During this time Sam will conduct a thorough assessment of your animal before recommending and commencing any treatment.  Sam will contact and seek endorsement for physiotherapy from your vet.

The assessment will involve:

  • Taking detailed information about your problem and relevant past medical history
  • A thorough observational and physical assessment of the area(s) involved.
  • Obtaining any relevant information from your veterinary surgeon prior to the first visit
  • Taking a detailed history of your animal’s problems
  • Doing a full gait analysis with the animal moving in different paces on a level surface. Horses may also need to be lunged or ridden
  • Observing the animal’s symmetry, conformation and muscle bulk, and palpating the animal for any abnormalities
  • Assessing individual joint and spinal mobility.


Treatment recommendations

After the thorough assessment Sam will discuss her findings with you. You will then decide together whether physiotherapy will benefit you or your animal, what format the treatment should take and the goals you want to achieve.

Any treatment (see our services for more details) will be focused on helping you or your animal to regain optimum mobility and function, and may also include exercises to do yourself. Written instructions will be left with you explaining any exercises you need to follow, and Sam may also advise other activities to help you progress – for example swimming or exercise classes like pilates, and strengthening work.

In the case of animals, alongside your vet Sam may also recommend the input of other professionals. For horses these professionals can include remedial farriers, saddlers and equine dentists. All treatment programmes are individually tailored.